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Auction 120's, Spoil Five, Growl, 45's
Newfoundlanders, Nova Scotians, Canadians

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120's is a 4 way partners version where the computer plays the opponents hand and the hand of the partners. The computer uses advanced logic to determine what is the right bid and which is the best card to throw given the cards in the hand and the number of cards drawn.

Several people from Newfoundland have purchased this game and are very happy with the entertaining and challenging way the game plays.

What's in a name ?
If you are from Canada or specifically from Newfoundland or Nova Scotia then a brief explanation of the game name might be in order. The game that you call 120's or Auction 120's is the same game that we call Forty-Fives. Please keep in mind that everywhere it says 45's, it is the same as saying 120's. If you go back to the main page and click on "How 45's by BFD works", I think you will see that the bidding and game rules are the same as 120's.

This card game evolved in rules and name as it travelled from Scotland and Ireland to Newfoundland and Nova Scotia and ultimately to the Merrimack Valley area of Massachusetts. The general belief is that the game was called Spoil Five or 45's in Ireland and was played the way that 45's is played in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland today with no kitty, only a 5 card draw, and a total score of 45 points and the trump is determined by a cut of the deck. Somewhere along the way, someone invented the variation of 45's that you know as 120's and that we know as 45's that includes the 3 card kitty, the ability to discard and draw up to 4 cards and a total score of 120 points and the winning bidder determines the trump. This version of the game is the most exciting and fun to play especially if you have 4 people to play partners.

Someday we will all use the same name:
The name 120's makes a lot more sense then the name 45's. But when the game moved from Canada to the Merrimack Valley area of Massachusetts the old name of "Forty-Fives" stuck but the new rules of 120's was how it was played.

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