About Bill DiSanto, the Author

Bill DiSanto

This 45s game was written in Microsoft Visual Basic by Bill DiSanto of New Hampshire. He wrote this game after many joyful years of playing 45s with his buddies from Haverhill, MA. They played the game Merrimack Valley style using a 2 vs. 2 Partner format. Basic rules and scoring can be found under the Help menu of the game. This version of 45's is an interpretation, which is played widely throughout the Merrimack Valley region of Massachusetts, USA.

Bill is working with Shawn Harty of NTSI in distributing the creation of this unique, fun-filled, strategic card game onto others for their enjoyment as well. Once you understand the game and develop your own way of playing, you will be hooked.



Sparky is Bill's dog and was the inventor of Forty Fives. Until now, no one knew the true origin. Bill found out about the game through Sparky, who had been playing the game for many, many years.