How "45s by BFD" is played on the computer
The computer plays your partner's hand and the opponents hand based on the cards, the score, what has been thrown
and the draw amounts. The game is not playable over the Internet. We might consider that as a future enhancement.

First of all, here is the game layout while you are playing:
Across from you (top person) is your partner, the people to your left and right
are the opponents, the top right shows the score sheet, bottom right is the
bidding sheet, and your menu options are to the top left.


And here is what it looks like when you win the kitty:


Here is the Cast of Characters that you may
choose as either Partner or Opponents


Below are some screen shots of the game and its menus.

New Deal




First Hand




This is a great example of some of the aggressive bidding that can go on in the game. I think Sparky out bid him self with this hand. The computer allows more aggressive bidding earlier in the game than later in the game. In this hand I asked for the cards to be displayed. This is cheating of course but it can be a handy tool for learning the game and seeing what decisions the computer is making.