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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q. How do I run Setup to Install it on my computer?

A. Click Here

When you run the install program, it will ask you to reboot.
(see FAQ's "What if the install program asks me to reboot?")


Q. What if the install program asks me to reboot?

A. This is ok as it doesn't cause any problems, but the user has to then reboot and then rerun the 1st install program again. The next run of this will then complete the install. Once done, the 2nd install needs to be run like any other case (there are two install programs - the 1st one is 4 MB and installs the game and system files. The 2nd one is strictly an unzip of the 270 wav and image files (when I had these in the original install it caused two issues. One, the download was 7 MB and may not reach all mail systems and Two, the Visual Basic installed takes a long time extracting the 270 files even though they are small. Especially on slower machines (like a Pentium 200 MHz the install used to take over 20 minutes). By making them into a separate unzip, it flies (even on slow machines).


Q. During the installation process, why do I get the message "Abort", "Retry", or "Ignore"?

A. I tried the install on a Gateway Windows 98 machine and the system files were protected (Gateway must do this. Maybe other vendors do too. Dell doesn't). So the options were "Abort", "Retry", or "Ignore". I did ignore (had to do it for each one (maybe 5 or 6 in total) and the install continued with no reboot (as it did not update the system files). Anyways everything worked fine. Game worked with no problems. So I think the game needs certain DLL files and the install tries to install them, but their older versions must be compatible. So if a DLL was missing, the install would add it. If it was there but older, it would be rewritten (if they are not write-protected) and would then ask you to reboot. If they couldn't be rewritten (as in this case), the older versions of the system files are fine.


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